Community Companion

Befriend those we support. Cultivate a one-on-one relationship by being a positive influence and connecting through friendship.

Have a special skill?

Lead an arts &crafts class, yoga class, reading class or tutor a class in your area of expertise.

Martina Netherton
VP of Community Services
502.495.4946, ext. 8827

Spiritual Life Companion

Together through natural, supportive friendships you and those we support can experience community, respect, care and connection to God through caring relationships. Our hope is to have you connect with those we support at least three times per month either through visits, phone calls, letters or activities within our community.

Pastor Mark Whitsett
Director of Pastoral Care

Sponsor an Individual
for the Holidays

Make the Holidays bright for our residents by showering them with gifts of love.

Administrative Support

Assist with our archive of historical photos. Sort and package logo wear. Clerical duties such as: sorting, stuffing, data entry.

Marleen Bailie
Executive Assistant to the President
502.495.4946, ext. 8800