Louisville Civitan Club is Chartered

The Louisville Civitan Club is chartered with 33 members.  This membership includes some of the above named plus Omer Kemper and Carl Fleischer (also future Cedar Lake parents).

The Civitan Club is an International Organization founded in 1917 as a means of building “good citizenship” on a global scale.  Engaging in many worthy projects of the years, in the 1950s Civitan made individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities their major focus AND engaged in major fundraising projects to support the needs relating to the same.  This included the sale of Claxton Fruit Cakes of which Cedar Lake became a direct beneficiary.  In later years (starting in 1976 through 1983) “Civitan’s other well-known fundraiser began in 1976. Louisville, Kentucky  Civitans approached the executive board about a project to place candy boxes in restaurants. Patrons would deposit loose change in return for a mint. Since then, the Candy and Coin Box Project has raised over $50 million for Civitan’s charitable projects.” ( https://www.lanarkcivitan.com/?page_id=69 )  Over this span of time, Cedar Lake received approximately $1 million in support through the Candy Box Project in addition to thousands of hours of volunteer time from Civitan membership!!!