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Unconditional Love for people with disabilities


Year in Review

Dear Friends of Cedar Lake:

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Lake and for taking the time to read our 2019 Annual Report!

I always enjoy reflecting back over the past year to identify initiatives or events that were key in the advancement of our mission and vision….events that highlight our commitment to highly capable, compassionate care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 2018, there was one initiative that became a defining moment for Cedar Lake – and one that would reshape how we care for our caregivers. In November 2018, after nearly six-months of analysis and careful consideration, the Cedar Lake Senior Operations Team proposed a bold initiative to our board of directors to address our workforce crisis once and for all.

The proposal was to increase the minimum wage of our direct support staff from $11 per hour to $14 per hour….a $3 per hour increase!!! After hearing compelling stories of our struggle with numerous vacancies per shift and our staff willing to go above and beyond to fill these vacancies with overtime, our board of directors approved the increase and set us on a course of MAJOR change. As of this writing, a transformation has indeed occurred. We have filled nearly all vacancies which has created great stability and continuity of care for those we support.

We have also received several reports how the $3 per hour increase has transformed the lives of our Direct Support Professionals….many who say they no longer need a second or third job to make ends meet. I want to thank the Senior Operations Team for their bold, transformative vision – and to the members of our board of directors who had the courage to take a risk….a risk that has yielded tremendous benefits for those we support, and those that support them.

Christ Stevenson
President/CEO, Cedar Lake

It’s also been a busy year of planning and prepping for our next strategic plan that will officially launch in January 2021 and conclude in December 2023. This three-year plan looks to further position Cedar Lake as an organization that is exceptionally committed to superior support services.

We look forward to sharing these initiatives, and the campaign that will support it, at next year’s Annual Meeting on August 20, 2020. This date also serves as our 50th anniversary celebration…..that’s right…..Cedar Lake will be turning 50! You won’t want to miss this event as we look back over the last 50-years and recount key milestones that made Cedar Lake the capable, compassionate organization it is today – and share a vision of the future that will ensure we stay committed to exceptional services for the people we support and their families. So, mark your calendar for what is sure to be a fun, inspirational night.

Thanks so much for your continued support of Cedar Lake. And may God continue to bless Cedar Lake!

OUR MISSION is to offer highly compassionate, capable care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may experience a life of abundant possibilities.

OOUR VISION is of a community where those with and without disabilities learn to share and enrich each other’s lives through meaningful interactions that cultivate mutual respect and unconditional love.

How We Serve

Cedar Lake takes a comprehensive and holistic approach towards the care and wellbeing of the people we support. No matter where a person is in our continuum of care, Cedar Lake provides a loving and compassionate environment. Our focus is to meet the unique needs of each individual through all stages of their life.

36 Properties in Total

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) 3
Community Intermediate Care Homes 2
Community Living Support Apartments 8
Intermittent Staffed Apartments 1
Patio Homes 2
24-Hour Staffed Homes 15
Enrichment Center 1

254 People Supported

In the Community

All people, regardless of abilities, should have access to, choice of, and an opportunity to participate in a full range of community activities. Volunteering is an important part of community life. The people we support serve their communities in many ways, including volunteering at church, helping out at the zoo, local schools and food pantries, cleaning trails at a nature preserve, and re-purposing flower arrangements through an outreach ministry.

Volunteering builds confidence, job skills, and work experience. It helps job seekers network and build relationships that can increase the potential for competitive employment and other personal growth opportunities. It also provides chances to build friendships and a network of natural supports.

Cedar Lake empowers the individuals we support to give back to their communities. When everyone participates, it furthers our vision of a community where those with and without disabilities learn to share and enrich each other’s lives, through meaningful interactions that cultivate mutual respect and unconditional love.

Where words fail, music speaks.
– Hans Christian Anderson

Music Therapy

Music therapy at the Lodge has become an important part of the weekly routine for some of the people we support. Kelley calls it “music fun class,” and Chance is always front and center, excited to work on the focused sounds for the day. Ellie likes to help lead the group. There are many others who enjoy singing along.

The 30-minute session begins with a greeting song that acts as a transition into the class. After the opening, each person is asked to choose a song and helps to lead the class with their selection. This therapy has been shown to benefit many aspects of a person’s life, including speech and communication, social skill development, behavior issues, and self-esteem.

Studies have shown that adults with an intellectual or developmental disability thrive in music therapy because it captivates attention, motivates action, and brings joy and success. Music can be beneficial in so many ways because it is processed in both hemispheres of the brain. Additionally, music is non-verbal, so for those who struggle with language, music can be a great way to connect with others and express oneself.


What can a number tell you? In this instance, it tells us that Arnold has been a part of the Cedar Lake family for over 25 years. Another number tells us that Arnold is 81 and that he is the oldest person that we support out of the 16 at Park Place. Arnold also loves to work on 500-piece jigsaw puzzles. But, as William Bruce Cameron said, “Not everything that counts can be counted.” Numbers can’t tell you that Arnold has beaten the odds by living a life of abundant possibilities. They do not convey the way that his smile lights up when seeing his family. Numbers do not tell us about the deep friendships that he has developed at New Castle Christian Church, or the laughs, and hugs he shares with the people he loves. We count it a privilege to have Arnold a part of Cedar Lake!


Robbie is truly living a life of abundant possibilities. He enjoys building birdhouses, and other woodcrafts in his home workshop, attending church, working at a local big-box retailer, fishing, photography, and gardening. Robbie was only 23 years old when he moved into Cedar Lake Lodge in 1987. He now lives in his own 24-hour staffed home in beautiful Lagrange, KY with two house mates, his cat Inky, and his pet rabbit. Although he loves being social and spending time with friends, he also looks forward to several hours of alone time every day when he relaxes or explores the trails by his house. Robbie and his team work together to make sure that he has access to all the life skills he needs to live the semi-independent lifestyle he enjoys. When you support Cedar Lake, you are helping to provide the resources and programs that allow Robbie to live his best life.

2018 Consolidated Financial Summary

FOUNDATION ASSISTANCE625,000810,00001,435,000
PICK-UP SERVICES00901,000901,000
TOTAL REVENUE23,702,0006,008,000547,00030,257,000
PROGRAM 19,659,000 5,932,000 1,939,000 27,530,000
GENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE 3,306,000 1,368,000 672,000 5,346,000
FUNDRAISING 0 0 593,000 593,000
TOTAL EXPENSES 22,965,000 7,300,000 3,204,000 33,469,000
IN TOTAL ASSETS737,000(1,292,000)1(2,657,000)2(3,212,000)

1 The change in the loss from 2017 to 2018 is $(742,000). This is due to:
$(344,000) of grants given to HUD properties from Cedar Lake Lodge, Inc. in 2017. No grants were received in 2018.
$(230,000) decline in services revenue.
$(216,000) increase in HUD program expenses.

2 The change in the income from 2017 to the loss in 2018 of $(3,251,000) is attributable to the swing in the stock market impacting the investments.

  • Fundrasing - 2 %
  • Program - 82 %
  • General & Administrative - 16 %

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