You will often find Bill near a weather radio or watching the local weather channel. Bill has had a passion for weather since he was 13 years old. In March 2013, Bill became a storm spotter for Oldham County. Bill attended a class in Oldham County led by the National Weather Service, where he was educated on the importance of storm spotters and their responsibilities.

Bill’s inspiration to become a storm spotter came after listening to Dick Gilbert, traffic tracker for WHAS radio; Bill recollects the tornado that hit Louisville on April 3, 1974 as he stood at the window of his parents’ living room. Bill recalls, “The rain stopped falling, it was still and dark outside, and the color of the grass and sky was a very dark green and yellowish color. It was very weird. The tornado lasted about 3-4 minutes. We were very lucky to be alive that day because of one special man, Dick Gilbert.”

Bill never meets a stranger. He is well known in LaGrange, where he lives independently in an apartment, for his friendly personality combined with his compassionate and caring mannerisms. Just one meeting with Bill and you will know that he has an unconditional love for others; his love for helping others in a time of crisis is unmatched.

Bill notes, “I want to help people stay safe, I know how scary storms can be. I want to tell my friends, family and neighbors about the weather conditions to keep them safe.”

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