Our mission to connect families and grow our circle of friends for the purpose of supporting each other and the mission of Cedar Lake while enhancing the lives of the people we support through service and advocacy.

We welcome all parents, guardians, siblings, aunts, uncles and any other family member who want to make a difference in the life of a loved one.

CaringConnections_4CLogCathy Dusel and Janet Haynes, two Cedar Lake moms, formed Caring Connections, Cedar Lake’s family support group. Their desire is to bring families together for the purpose of supporting each other and helping our residents; many of whom live on their own with little or no family support.

If you care about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, if you think they deserve to have a life of abundant possibilities, then Caring Connections is the group for you. Please join us for healthy dialogue where we can share together, and learn from one another in a positive environment.