Nonprofit considering plans for restructure and reorganization.

Louisville, KY (July 3) –Cedar Lake, Kentucky’s largest, private nonprofit organization serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, announced they will be closing their Pick-Up Service operation on July 27, 2018 due to the departure of their solicitation and buying partner, Savers.

Savers, is also the for-profit entity that owned and operated the Unique Thrift Store on Preston Highway. After the abrupt closing of the store, and surprise announcement that they will be leaving the Kentucky market entirely, Cedar Lake was left with little to no option but to close its Pick-Up Service operations.

Cedar Lake was in a transitional period to become fully independent from Savers to create additional net proceeds for their nonprofit by the end of 2018. Savers denied Cedar Lake’s attempt to become independent and fully operational by January 2019. Because of Saver’s own business challenges, they decided to not execute a contract that would have allowed for a smooth transition with no interruption to the Pick-Up Service.

“While the news of the Pick-Up Service closing is unfortunate, we are currently exploring new strategies for the future to restructure and reorganize our Pick-Up Service operations, with plans to include a new, exciting thrift store concept,” states Chris Stevenson, President and CEO, Cedar Lake. 

Cedar Lake is scheduling pick-ups through the third week of July through its website at The call center has been discontinued and Cedar is only receiving pick-up requests through its website. For updates on the re-initiation of this service, visit and click on the “Pick-Up Service” tab.

Cedar Lake would like to thank its many donors over the years and look forward to reengaging with them in the future. 

About Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake is the region’s largest, private non-profit care provider for adults with intellectual and development disabilities. Cedar Lake operates in Jefferson, Oldham and Henry counties, has 38 properties, and supports 260 people with a staff over 500. Supports range from 24/7 support for the most medically fragile, to intermittent support for those who live independently. For more information about Cedar Lake, call (502) 495-4946 or go to

3 thoughts on “Cedar Lake closes its Pick-Up Service

  1. I had CLL come today to pick up a dining room set, a cabinet and various clothes and household items. The furniture was left and the boxes/bags were picked up. I did not get a receipt for the items that were taken. Can you please email me a receipt as I cannot find it on the website like I used to. Thanks,

  2. I did not hear from Cedar Lake for a while and was wondering since I had collected some items for donation. Today when I visited the website I was sad to learn that Cedar Lake pickup services have closed. I hope Cedar Lake would be able to continue the pick up services in future. My best wishes and prayers are with Cedar Lake.

  3. I just heard about the closing of your pick up services. I have always felt so blessed when I donated items to your organization. Can’t even remember when I experienced the 1st pickup because it has been that long. I was always impressed that you were willingly to come to Lexington for the items. I feel like I am mourning a loss of a friend. Right now, located in my hallway are boxes labeled Cedar Lake Lodge. They will need to be donated somewhere else. I pray that your reorganization is successful for the pick up services to thrive again. cnj

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