Cedar Lake is Family for QIDP Keisha Mullins

Cedar Lake is Family for QIDP Keisha Mullins

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Keisha Mullins joined Cedar Lake in 2023 as a QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional). Remarkably, Keisha is the third member of her family to join the Cedar Lake Lodge team. Her daughter Mikayla works as a direct support professional, and her sister Danielle is a third-shift nurse. At Cedar Lake, it is truly a family affair!

Encouraged by her family’s positive experiences, Keisha applied for the QIDP position, a job she loves. “Cedar Lake is a great place to work,” she shared. At Cedar Lake, the sense of community and support is unmatched. Every day, Keisha sees the dedication and compassion of her colleagues, and it inspires her to give her best.

As a QIDP, Keisha integrates, coordinates, and monitors the active treatment of individuals at Cedar Lake Lodge, serving as an in-house advocate for the individuals and their families. She loves that families are so involved in the care of their loved ones. Family involvement is something that sets Cedar Lake apart from other ICFs, a tradition that dates back to its founding by families in 1970.

Working with individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) is not new to Keisha. She previously served as the assistant director of residential services at Pillar, but it was at Outwood Rescare in Dawson Springs that she discovered her passion for supporting individuals with IDD.

Finding Cedar Lake

When her sister Danielle moved to Louisville, followed by her daughter Mikayla, it wasn’t long before Keisha joined them. During the pandemic, her husband was laid-off from his job, prompting the family to relocate to Louisville. Despite these challenges, Keisha and her family found a supportive community at Cedar Lake.

Cedar Lake’s emphasis on work-life balance is crucial for Keisha and her family of eight, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t bring her work family home, like Dwayne. Duane, is supported at Cedar Lake Lodge, but has become a friend to Keisha. Just last November, Duane spent Thanksgiving with Keisha’s family, celebrating the holiday among those she cherishes most.

Before Thanksgiving, Keisha and Dwayne spent time together researching candidates in the 2023 gubernatorial election. Keisha helped Dwayne reach his goal of being well-informed before voting for all electoral races. When Keisha took him to the voting office, she was proud that he was not only informed and had his own opinions, but he took the process seriously.

At Cedar Lake, going above and beyond is standard practice. Staff like Keisha strive to provide individuals with lives full of abundant possibilities. “Some people see others with disabilities and think they can’t learn or love, but disabilities aren’t what they once were and people are often more capable than others think they may be,” Keisha said.

Touching Moments

Throughout her time at Cedar Lake, Keisha has witnessed countless touching moments. Whether it’s Shannon and Josh singing “Step By Step” or Ophelia interacting with Chris while they deliver dinner, sweet and endearing moments happen daily.

“This place is a family,” said Keisha. At Cedar Lake, we share our joys and support each other through challenges. It’s a place where everyone is valued and cared for, where the well-being of both the staff and individuals we support is a priority. If you’re looking for a career where you can make a real difference, Cedar Lake is the place to be. Join us and become part of a team that’s dedicated to creating a life of abundant possibilities for individuals with disabilities. Together, we are making a difference, one day at a time.

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