The purpose of this policy is to describe the procedures for initiation, termination or relocation of services provided by Cedar Lake Residences, Inc. (CLR) to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.


CLR offers services to adult individuals with intellectual disabilities/developmental disabilities without regard to sex, national origin, religion, color, physical handicaps, or age. Individuals being supported are given all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to all citizens.

The only priority consideration for admission to CLR is given to individuals currently supported by Cedar Lake Lodge ICF/ID, and other Cedar Lake operations.


It will be the policy of the CLR Adult Day Health Program (ADHP) to admit only those applicants for whom the organization can provide appropriate programs to meet the spiritual, psychological, physical and social needs of the applicants. A probationary period shall be required for all new individuals. Recommendations for continued service in all programs shall be subject to staff determination based upon admission criteria and discharge policy.

Prior to admission, the service needs of each applicant will be analyzed and the applicant will be admitted to a program only if he or she chooses and if his or her needs can be met safely and without endangering other residents or clients.

A. Application Requirements

  • Current (within the last year) photo of the applicant (a snapshot is fine)
  • Copy of medical records 6 months-one year (primary care physician and any specialist ex. psychiatrist, surgeries, hospital records, neurologist etc. applicant sees and any medical documentation that states applicant has a diagnosis of intellectual disability prior to age of 18)
  • Copy of any school/workshop records/assessments/reports; Most recent(If in school need most recent school year records. If out of school need last year of school records)
  • Copy of any day program records(if applicant attends a day program)
  • Copy of psychological testing (must document that they were diagnosed with an intellectual disability prior to age 18 and what level(Mild, Moderate, Severe, or Profound)
  • Copy of any evaluations (as current as possible) completed on the applicant: neurological, speech, physical or occupational therapy, etc.
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Copy of guardianship papers(if adjudicated)(Power of Attorney, Health Surrogate)
  • Copy of Medicaid card

Please collect all of this information and send it as a package. Upon receipt of the completed packet we will be contacting you to set up a tour/interview for the applicant. Once the tour has been conducted, the Placement Committee will review at its next scheduled meeting, followed by a review by the Admissions, Services and Discharge subcommittee of the Cedar Lake Lodge Board of Directors.  Once these reviews have been completed, the applicant and you will be notified of the service options Cedar Lake can offer.

B. Application Process

Application for residential and supported living services through CLR for a person who has intellectual disabilities/developmental disabilities may be made by the individual, his/her parents, relatives, guardian, case manager or the person with whom the applicant is permanently living. Inquires should be made to:

Cedar Lake Enrichment Center
Director of Community Day Services
230 Yager Ave
LaGrange, KY 40031
(502) 222-0053

The application process is as follows:

  1. Upon the initial request for admission information, the Director or the appointed designee informally evaluates the request and qualifications of the applicant in regard to CLR’s ability to meet their needs (Attachment A). The Director or the appointed designee, will advise and counsel the applicant and family regarding the program.
  2. If the applicant appears to be eligible, a copy of the application packet will be forwarded. The Director shall review all completed applications. If there is no clear conflict, notification in writing of acceptance to the waiting list will be sent to the legal guardian/responsible party.Placement on the waiting list does not constitute a commitment to provide future service. The list serves only as a registry to provide a pre- screened order of candidates to expedite the selection process when a vacancy occurs. To ensure that only those who truly seek immediate placement occupy the waiting list, a candidate who voluntarily declines an offered service opportunity will be given the choice of going to the bottom of the waiting list or being removed completely. The waiting list will be updated every two years.
  3. In the event there is a clear conflict with, or if CLR, based on the pre- admission information, can not meet the applicants needs, the applicant shall be informed in writing of the conflict and the rejection of the application. The applicant may appeal this decision by contacting the Executive Director of Cedar Lake Residences, Inc.

C. Termination of Services

In the event that services are unable to be provided by the CLR Adult Day Health Program, under normal circumstances, the individual and parent/guardian will be notified of the termination of services by CLR with thirty days written notice. In emergency situations involving the safety of the participant or other participants in the Admission/Discharge program, this notification may be waived and termination will be immediate. In turn, when a participant or parent/guardian wishes to terminate services they will be required to notify CLR by providing thirty days written notice. Per state regulations, services through the SCL Waiver program, can not be terminated until alternative services have been secured. If, after termination of services, a participant or parent/guardian wishes to return to the day program they must reapply and will treated as a new applicant.

Origination Date: October 2000 // Revised Date: January 2008


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