We have raised $8.5 Million of our $12.5 Million. Please donate and help us reach our goals!



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Community Engagement

As we embark on our campaign, Cedar Lake sees that we must start at our innermost core in order to strengthen our circle of friends. To do so, we will provide more staff training, competency and performance compensation, and quality assurance initatives. Efforts to enhance our relationships with those we support, staff and familes will help sustain Cedar Lake for future growth and stability.

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Capital Enhancements

With innovations to meet the needs of the people we support, we will build new homes and repurpose current buildings. These new facilities_ including 4 Intermediate Care Homes for 16 people and a HUD apartment complex for 8 people_ will supply our organization with trend-setting tools to provide care to those who need our supports.


Current Technology Expansion

With our Strategic Plan calling for expansion of services for those we support, including supported employment, independent case management and outpatient therapy, we will upgrade our current hardware to support remote personal assistance systems and devices; enhanced entry, tracking and reporting of business data; and increase resources and efficiencies to support unified system- wide technologies and communications.

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Culture and Core Competencies

By expanding community awareness, we will grow our circle of friends throughout the Louisville Metro community, providing more opportunities for engagement and community companionism. Our philosophy is to actively connect and integrate people we support into the community.

Indigent Care Endowment

An endowment will complete the Circle of Friends campaign that we will be able to continue to provide supports to those who need them, even those who cannot pay.


So, What Interests You?

Now you know what we’re doing, which of these campaign components are the most interesting to you?


Does it energize you to be on the cutting edge? Are you excited about trail-blazing ideas for intellectually and developmentally disabled people in Kentucky? You may want to give to the campaign because the new ICF homes will be the first of their kind in Kentucky, setting the path for future care!


Are you a “techie”, jazzed by assistive devices, state-of-the-art products, processes and progress? You may want to give to the campaign because the Current Technology Expansion will move us into the future of communications and assistive devices.


Is your major concern that Cedar Lake staff be the best they can be? You want to see them trained, competent and fairly compensated? You may want to give to the campaign because your values and emphases match our Culture and Core Competencies.


Maybe you’re the “at heart” type. You want people with disabilities not just attended to, but loved and appreciated and part of our Community Engagement. You may want to give to the campaign because caring for the poor and those with no family is a cause close to your heart, like our Indigent Care Endowment.

Whatever your interest, there is a place for you in the Circle of Friends Campaign.

Let’s sit down together and figure out how your gift will benefit your friends at Cedar Lake. Call Chris Stevenson, (502) 495-4946.  We’re interested in adding you to our Circle of Friends!