Be A Friend To Those We Support!


Anyone who would like to make a difference in someone’s life, or have the determination to share in meaningful interactions that cultivate mutual respect and unconditional love.  If this sounds like a fit for you, we can assist with matching you with one of the many people we support.


A Community Companion. Community Companions connect people with common interests and hobbies. Community Companions are buddies, they offer one-to- one friendship; provide helpful advice and life experiences that inspire the people we support to become more social and self-sufficient. Community Companions serve as a role model and help the people we support build healthy relationships.


The time you commit to those we support is open for discussion and can be worked around your schedule. Days, weekends and nights are all available.


Opportunities could be on-site visits to one of our many properties or could be any combination of restaurant and/or entertainment establishments in the community. Some volunteers even choose to open their homes to those we support.

and last, Why:

Cedar Lake continues to make community integration a goal for those we support.
Helping them to be more independent and find opportunities that are both respected and valued.