Jennie has called Cedar Lake home for over 18 years. In 2013, she moved into one of Cedar Lake’s newly constructed, independent living complexes that includes eight one-bedroom apartments. At home, she loves to work with her facilitator to cook and meal prep for the week. Jennie’s freezer often showcases a full selection of meals that she has made after careful planning and shopping for the necessary ingredients.

For over 19 years, Jennie has worked in the clothing department at Walmart. She is looking forward to retiring in 2020 and is hoping to start a new career working with animals. Aside from working, Jennie attends JCTC, where she has straight A’s in all of her classes. She is the proud recipient of a scholarship from Ruby’s Rainbow, which helps support her educational goals.

Jennie’s favorite sport is bowling, and she actively participates in a Special Olympics league. Although she is always excited to cheer her team on, she is very competitive and boasts an exceptional average. She proudly showcases an impressive collection of trophies and ribbons from various competitions.

One of Jennie’s favorite things to do in her free time is to get a manicure. She often has fun colors and artwork that she eagerly shows off. To make extra money for her manicures, Jennie works a couple of extra hours each week cleaning the common areas at her apartment complex.

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