In a world where darkness can overwhelm,
light the way for those who need your
hand to guide them home. 
In a world that too often overlooks or
excludes those who are differently abled,
be a welcoming & loving light. 

Gifts from those who love Cedar Lake lit the way home for Warren. On his own after the death of his parents, Warren found himself in unsafe places with people who often took advantage of him. He wasn’t sure where he would sleep, what or if he would eat or if he would be safe. He didn’t know if there was anyone who would be his friend. That all changed when he came into the Cedar Lake family. 

Without funding from donors like you, Warren’s life would have been much different. To be honest, Warren might not have survived the situation he was in prior to coming into our care. Without generous donors who believe that all people have the right to be safe, to be loved and to be cared for, Warren and hundreds more in the Cedar Lake family would find themselves in a much darker place. 

As you light your candles and trim your Christmas tree this year, we hope you will also light the way for people with intellectual disabilities. Like you, they want to gather with family and friends. Like you, they want to be able to work and contribute to their community and like you, they want to be part of a safe and loving home. 

This has been a difficult year for everyone. For Cedar Lake it has been particularly trying. We have not been able to raise money through events, and we have had to close community programs that would normally provide much needed revenue, all due to COVID. We are grateful for your loving consideration of a gift that will help light the way into a new and better year. 

With Love and Hope, 

Chris Stevenson, CEO