Fifty years means a lot of stories. It’s hard to believe that next year, Cedar Lake will be celebrating our 50th anniversary, and we know there are so many stories to tell about the lives we have touched and the families we have supported. But, these are not just Cedar Lake’s story; they are yours. These are the moments that are woven through your family, perhaps through your career, and most definitely through your life. We don’t believe you could experience the importance of what Cedar Lake does without walking away with a story to tell.

Stories come in all shapes and sizes, from all kinds of different people. If you are a parent or guardian of a person we support, a family member, a current or former staff or board member, friend, community member, or have any other connection to Cedar Lake, we would love to hear what has moved you about Cedar Lake. Was it a day, was it an experience, a person, or a connection? Was it “that time when…”? What story do you want the world to know?

As we collect your stories, we will share them throughout the year so that everyone can see what makes Cedar Lake so special. We want the world to know what Cedar Lake means to the people we support, our families, our staff, our friends, and our community.

To share your story, complete the form below.

Thank you for the part that you have played in writing the beautiful and amazing story that is Cedar Lake.

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