At Cedar Lake we advocate for those we support. As part of a national movement we are evolving from the mainstream of the caregiver role to a supportive role, becoming a teacher and mentor helping to discover untapped skills that will help the individuals we support live an independent life full of abundant possibilities.

“Social Supports” are the support services provided by the Community program and includes 4 departments:

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CLS (Community Living Support)

Traditional and longest provided service for the people we support in the CLR program, focus on daily needs and working with direct plan of care that outlines individual goals.

  • All the people we support in CLR apartments receive this individualized support service to enable them to successfully and safely live independently.
  • This service focuses on safety skill training, financial assistance, benefit coordination, and/or medical coordination in addition to individualized and necessary daily living goals.


Assistance with Housekeeping and organizing, cooking and domestic oriented goals.

  • Those we support may prefer to receive specific one on one assistance with cleaning and organizing their homes, cooking or other domestic goals, and request Homemaker support through MPW funding. 

Supported Employment

Support with seeking and securing employment through person centered process, and maintaining long term success.

  • Assess/develop interests and talents, implement training opportunities to build and enhance skills, and maximize each “discovery” process to understand the full potential of each person we support.
  • Liaison between employer/person supported and offer long term support.

Community Access

Connecting those we support to natural supports in their communities, as well as focusing on health and wellness initiatives.

  • Our mission with CA is to facilitate community involvement and engagement, help find opportunities that support the people we support talents and hobbies… from volunteer jobs, to health and wellness (YMCA partnership), to supporting social and community goals that they may have.
  • The idea is to help connect them to natural supports, to create relationships that “replace” staff assistance. This can be temporary, or lasting with moving from one social goal to another.