We focus everything we do on the unconditional love and abundant possibilities of those we support.


We are evolving from the mainstream of the caregiver role to a supportive role, advocating for those we support.


Whether it’s volunteering for an event or on a weekly basis, we have options for you to support Cedar Lake!

Our Vision

Our vision is of a community where those with and without disabilities learn to share and enrich each other’s lives, through meaningful interactions that cultivate mutual respect and unconditional love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer highly compassionate, capable care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may experience a life of abundant possibilities.

Cedar Lake Support Services

Cedar Lake is committed to providing the highest quality of services to the people we support.

To demonstrate our commitment to the development of a compassionate and capable workforce, we have launched a career development program with ongoing educational opportunities to further sharpen their unique skill set. In doing so, we believe our employees develop a heightened sensitivity – or compassion – for the people we support, and a clear understanding of how they can best support these individuals to live a life filled with abundant possibilities.

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