I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Pizza and Ice Cream!

This month the Lodge and Enrichment Center created some tasty treats! Our virtual classes made it possible to include all our individuals that wanted to participate in the pizza cooking class.

“Hearts of Gold” Gala

Our “Hearts of Gold” Gala is Saturday, November 13th. Click here to purchase your tickets now. Contact Rachel McMahan for more information or with any questions at rmcmahan@cedarlake.org or 502-495-4928. Please note that Covid-19 vaccines are required for all gala and gala after party attendees.

Give for Good Louisville

Thank you for all your support during Give for Good Louisville 2021. It was a successful day which ended in a total of $16,175 raised with 89 unique donors! The Foundation Team had a blast capturing the special moments with our leaders and individuals you may have seen on our @CedarLakeKY social media pages. Your donations help individuals like Billy and Zach (pictured below) learn, grow and succeed each day through our programming.

The Haynes Family


Jim and Sara Haynes knew almost from the beginning of their son’s life that something was wrong.  Jeffrey would choke when feeding. He had his first seizure at four months and frequent, uncontrolled seizures after that. “We were routinely at the children’s hospital, but the seizures were never under control.” Desperate for answers, they took Jeffrey to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, a premier center for seizure disorders.  After a 24-hour seizure study, countless medications and medication adjustments, the seizures still did not stop. The combination of the severe seizures and the medications led to Jeffrey’s intellectual disability.
Jim and Sara said they prayed and prayed and they wondered what more they could do to ensure the best life for Jeffrey. Jim said, “You always want to know why. Did we do something wrong? What is the reason?” Finally, through genetic testing, they learned that there was a gene mutation in utero, not caused by anyone.
The Haynes realized they needed help; they needed a community. “Sara was Jeffrey’s best advocate” Jim said. “She searched out support groups and connected with other families with disabled children.” Through a contact at Jeffrey’s school, Jim and Sara learned about Cedar Lake. Because she knew it could be years before there was an opening, Sara got Jeffrey on the waiting list while he was still a child.
While they waited for Cedar Lake, Jeffrey’s needs continued to grow beyond their ability to provide the structure and environment he needed to thrive. After Sara received a significant health diagnosis, she and Jim knew that they could not meet the physical demands of caring for Jeffrey and in 2001, following a recommendation from a friend, placed him in the care of another program. Every weekend they would go to see him and every time they realized that it just was not the right fit for their son. They constantly worried about Jeffrey but did not know of any alternatives. “We would call Jim Richardson, (former CEO of Cedar Lake) and ask, where are we on the list?” Three years later on the day after Christmas, Jim and Sara were able to move Jeffrey to Cedar Lake Lodge.
At Cedar Lake, they have found a true home for Jeffrey. “They know our son as well as we do.”  They learned that everyone there really does care and they know what they are doing.  Jeffrey’s seizures are now under control – the best they have ever been. His behavioral problems have subsided because of the structure and programming. “I used to hope that Jeffrey would pre-decease us because I didn’t think anyone would ever love and care for him like we did.” Jim said. “Because of Cedar Lake, I don’t think about that at all. We trust them to love and care for Jeffrey and to always do the right thing.”

September 2021 Updates

Fall always feels like the beginning of a new year for me.  Maybe it’s because I spent so many years pursuing my education and then my children’s education!  Whatever the reason, I welcome the change of season, a new crispness in the air and the incredible colors about to erupt on the trees.  It feels like a fresh start, a time to take stock and prioritize.
One way I do this is by reviewing my charitable giving.  Now is the time to plan for how and where I will give in the new year.  I’m so grateful for all our Cedar Lake donors who faithfully give in every season – thank you!  This year we have been the recipient of several generous estate gifts.  Donors who were faithful in their lives to our mission continued their legacy through their estates and made an amazing difference for Cedar Lake.  Did you know you can make this type of legacy gift now?
If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a gift to Cedar Lake directly from your IRA. New regulations do not require you to take a required minimum distribution until age 72, but you may use your IRA to make charitable gifts any time after 70 ½.Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see the difference your donation is making. You will pay no income taxes on the gift. You may transfer up to $100,000 a year directly to a charity. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you can benefit even if you don’t itemize your deductions. Most importantly, you will make a profound difference in the lives of the people in our care. If you need any additional information, or would like to discuss opportunities to utilize your IRA to help support the mission of Cedar Lake, please email me at ksanders@cedarlake.org or call 502. 495.4942.

We are Summer Lovin’ Cedar Lake!

The ladies of Washburn celebrated National Root Beer Float Day. It was a nice refresher on a hot summer day!