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Family Home Providers (FHP) are individuals or families that open the doors of their homes to people with disabilities, to live and truly be a part of their family in the most inclusive way possible. People with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) will be a complete part of the FHP’s family, fully integrated in home and community.

Cedar Lake now offers this level of care and invites you to consider this opportunity.

Family Home Providers

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Living with a Family Home Provider (FHP) creates the unique opportunity for your loved one to receive truly comprehensive, personalized and consistent care. Anyone living with an FHP becomes part of a family, celebrating all of life’s moments together. FHP’s and the prospective individual are carefully matched to ensure a successful fit. By genuinely getting to know the provider and the individual, we ensure this connection forever enriches both the individual’s and provider’s lives.  

Individuals residing with an FHP are part of the Cedar Lake family, benefiting from our entire spectrum of services, including Day Training, Supported Employment opportunities, transportation assistance, and our Intermediate Care Facilities. Your loved one can receive an in-home assessment to determine safety or equipment recommendations for a seamless transition into their new residence.

Though an individual may reside with an FHP for the entirety of their life, there may come a time when they need additional services. People in need of specialized medical care are able to get their needs met at one of our Intermediate Care Facilities, forgoing what has typically been an 8 to 10 year waitlist. Cedar Lake is the only provider in the state of Kentucky that is able to support an individual with disabilities throughout the entire spectrum of their life, bringing new meaning to continuity of care. 

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