Family Home Providers

Family Home Providers

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What is Family Home Provider (FHP)?

Family Home Providers are contracted through Cedar Lake and provide ongoing care for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The participant resides in the same household as the FHP and is provided a private bedroom with access to communal living spaces. This service is meant to provide an individual the opportunity to live in the community and participate in everyday life experiences (shopping, going out to eat, vacations, etc.).


The responsibilities of an FHP vary depending on the level of support required by the individual. Some examples of this could include assistance with bathing and grooming, medication administration, attending medical appointments, transportation and meal preparation.

Each provider is required to meet minimum qualifications per the Supports for Community Living regulation. Our ongoing compliance department will offer support to each FHP with routine visits to ensure they maintain a safe and sustainable living environment for the individual supported.

Become a Co-Family Home Provider

What is a Co-Family Home Provider (Co-FHP)?

Co-FHP supports are designed to provide short-term relief and assistance in place of the individual’s primary living arrangement. Co-FHP supports are meant to create an additional relief network for the individual whom they are comfortable with when circumstances arise such as vacations or emergencies. Co-FHP settings may vary and can include care in the Co-FHP’s home or a primary FHP’s home. All Co-FHPs are required to complete the same training requirements as a primary FHP per the Supports for Community Living (SCL) regulation.

Co-FHPs are managed through a contract and may be paid hourly or daily depending on the length of time they support an individual.