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The Cedar Lake Enrichment Center (CLEC), an adult day program, provides a person-centered, structured environment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

CLEC offers a choice of scheduled classes with curriculum designed to enhance the quality of life. Vocational training and community inclusion are offered as well. CLEC is a community-based and facility-based program.

Cedar Lake Enrichment Center is actively involved in the community, providing essential programs and resources that foster personal growth and community engagement. Through various events and initiatives, the center enhances social connections and supports individuals in achieving greater independence.

Community Activities

  • Art class
  • Plays and performances
  • Exercise
  • Social activities
  • Volunteering
  • Education
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Vocational classes are designed to teach or enhance a skill/trade to prepare for extended educational or employment opportunities. Pre-vocational skills or services offer learning opportunities or work experiences to assist with employment positions in the community.


  • Offers training to enhance work habits, ethics and socialization skills in the workforce
  • Creates learning opportunities and work experiences in the community
  • Task reinforcement and sustained attention
  • Identification of non-preferred tasks and requesting for support/help
  • Gross and fine motor enhancement

Developing daily and social life skills is crucial for enhancing independence. These skills encompass activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, grooming, meal preparation, and household management. Learning how to best care for yourself includes understanding nutrition, maintaining physical health, and managing stress. Socialization is also key, involving effective communication, building and maintaining relationships, and participating in community activities. By mastering these skills, individuals can achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency and improve their overall quality of life.


  • Foundations and principles related to budgeting and managing finances
  • Principles and application related to meal preparation and simple cooking
  • Guidance and skill development related to housekeeping and laundry tasks
  • Comprehension and application of time management
  • Principles related to understanding weather and appropriate dress attire
  • Interpersonal skills and relationship building
  • Understanding and application of self-advocacy
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Art is a healthy outlet for self-expression and self-regulation through many forms and templates. Art provides sensory stimulation and input that often increases self-esteem.


  • Produces a positive learning environment that includes creativity and practice
  • Projects provide the individual a sense of self-expression and allows them to create and design independent projects
  • Instructor will provide educational concepts related to the elements of art: color, form, line, shape, space, texture and value
  • Projects will include guided instruction for the individual to participate to the best of their ability
man sitting down wearing a red shirt smiles while painting a chicken


Residential Options

Learn about our intermediate care facilities, family home providers and more.

Community-Based Services

We engage individuals in their community while promoting independence, self-sufficiency and spiritual health.

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