Celebrate a Caregiver

Celebrate a Caregiver logo in red and blue

Cedar Lake Foundation’s new Celebrate a Caregiver program is an opportunity for you to honor and recognize a caregiver who means so much to you and your loved one.

At Cedar Lake, we understand the profound importance of caregivers. They are the compassionate individuals who provide essential support, care, and unconditional love to our individuals each day. Now, you have the opportunity to show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work.

Celebrate a Caregiver offers you the opportunity to express your gratitude to a caregiver who has made a meaningful difference in the life of a loved one. With a thoughtful gift of $100 or more, you can honor your chosen caregiver and express your appreciation in a tangible way.

In return for your generous donation, your selected caregiver will receive special recognition and a token of appreciation, symbolizing our collective gratitude for their selfless commitment to providing exceptional care.

Whether it’s the staff members who treat your loved one like family or the dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to ensure their well-being and happiness, every caregiver deserves to be celebrated for their invaluable contributions.

Participating in the Celebrate a Caregiver program is easy. Simply donate below to make your gift. Your contribution will not only honor a deserving caregiver but will also support Cedar Lake Foundation’s mission to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live their best lives.

Join us in recognizing the unsung heroes of our community – the caregivers who make a difference every day with their compassion, kindness, and dedication. Together, let’s shine a spotlight on their remarkable contributions and express our heartfelt appreciation for all that they do.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating and supporting our caregivers!