DSP Support at Cedar Lake, Tara’s Story

DSP Support at Cedar Lake, Tara’s Story

A women in a black shirt hugs a women in a pink shirt. Direct support professional hugs.

Tara Thurman’s journey with Cedar Lake began eight years ago when she stepped into the role of a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Since then, her dedication has fostered profound connections with the individuals she serves. In Louisville and LaGrange, Tara’s unwavering commitment shines through as she dedicates 2-4 hours per session, for 2-3 sessions each week, to supporting seven individuals. This dedication ensures that they embrace a life filled with boundless opportunities.

Each day brings a new set of challenges, yet Tara navigates them with grace, customizing her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual. Juggling seven calendars alongside her own may seem daunting, but Tara’s background and experience have honed her ability to strike a harmonious balance. From accompanying individuals to appointments, to cooking nutritious meals together, to managing finances and tidying living spaces, Tara’s days are a testament to her tireless dedication.

Central to Tara’s philosophy is the belief that an active lifestyle is pivotal to long-term health and independence. With this in mind, she sets exercise goals for each individual, intertwining physical activity with meal preparation for optimal well-being. Tara’s walks with Jennie to the nearby park exemplify this principle, not only fulfilling exercise goals but also fostering a sense of pride and confidence in Jennie’s abilities.

Yet, Tara’s role extends beyond physical support. Conversations about safety and social skills are woven into her interactions, empowering individuals to navigate the world with confidence and awareness. Through volunteering and community engagement, Tara ensures that each individual has the opportunity to forge meaningful connections beyond their immediate surroundings.

As a DSP, Tara occupies a vital position within Cedar Lake, embodying the organization’s commitment to empowerment and inclusivity. Through her unwavering dedication, she not only enriches the lives of those she supports but also ensures that they are equipped to face whatever challenges life may present. Tara Thurman’s legacy at Cedar Lake is not merely one of service but of profound impact and enduring inspiration.

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