Spring 2021 Mail Appeal

Have you ever struggled to express exactly what you’re feeling? Have you been at a loss for words because you’re so filled with joy, or sadness? Have you looked out over the mountains, or across a Kentucky meadow in the spring and wished you had a way to capture that moment? Now, take that experience and compound it by 10-fold because you have an intellectual or developmental disability that effects your speech. Not only your speech, but your movement and your ability to stay focused are impacted. Your desire to express yourself is just as strong as anyone’s, but your challenge to do so can feel overwhelming.

Charley, who lives at Cedar Lake Lodge has found his words – through art. The Lodge’s Creative Arts Program has provided the safe space, structure and time for Charley to give expression to the gift that he’s always had but now is able to use.

The benefits of the creative arts program at the Lodge go far beyond the paintings, mosaics and other art pieces created by those in our care. The skills they are gaining carry over into their daily lives. They are learning to stay with tasks, to be grounded and focused. In these days as we are slowly able to bring back programming halted during the pandemic, you can hear the joyful noise of friends gathering for class, the pure bliss of being together.

A life of abundant possibilities. Providing this for all those in our care is the core of Cedar Lake’s mission. Charley is living into his best self through his art. Others are finding it in a community of friends, through assisted employment or enrichment classes at Cedar Lake’s Enrichment Center. These programs are possible because of your gifts.

This spring as we celebrate new life and hope, I pray you will help provide hope to Charley and all those in the care of Cedar Lake. Your gifts matter; you matter – just ask Charley! He may not be able to express his love through his words but look at his art and it will show you his heart.

With Love & Hope,

Chris Stevenson

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