The Bennett Family

Billy Bennett has received support from Cedar Lake since day one – as he was one of the first enrolled in 1974.

Mr. & Mrs. Bennett started attending the very first meetings when discussions of Cedar Lake began. They were one of the founding families and the overall goal was one thing: the creation of Cedar Lake.

The Bennett’s were involved in the weekly Civitan Club meetings and they always had stashes of candy for the “your change changes things” money box fundraiser.

Billy lived at one other facility before coming to Cedar Lake and had a terrible experience. His family communicates how Billy would refuse to leave the car and that it was a challenge to have him go back inside the facility after being away for the weekend with his family. To their relief, once they moved Billy into Cedar Lake Lodge, Billy would happily run into the Lodge when he returned after a weekend away. He was always glad to be back. Billy loved his new home so much that he eventually stopped going on weekend visits to his family’s home.

Billy’s family has always played an active role in his care. From sleeping in bed with him to make sure he stayed where he needed to overnight, to going on long car rides because it’s one of Billy’s favorite things to do. When Cedar Lake came to fruition, they felt a lot of pressure lift off their shoulders and were thankful for an improved quality of life for the family and most importantly, Billy.

Mr. Bennett said that it’s been wonderful to see the growth and success of Cedar Lake and he can’t believe how far Cedar Lake has come as an organization. He’s proud of the work he and his family did in the beginning stages in the formation of Cedar Lake and is happy with the services that are offered that have benefited Billy and others with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With much appreciation, Mr. Bennett stated, “Billy’s quality of care has dramatically increased and it’s truly wonderful that he has a place to call home.”