Collaboration with Cedar Lake and JFCS

Collaboration with Cedar Lake and JFCS

Jim Mahanes of Jewish Family and Career Services sits at a table with a Cedar Lake man painting a milk container into a birdhouse

Volunteering at Cedar Lake

In the realm of community service at Cedar Lake, the resonance of collaboration echoes loudly, underscoring the profound impact organizations can achieve when they work hand in hand. Recently, the spotlight shone brightly on the spirited collaboration between Jewish Family and Career Services (JFCS) and the Cedar Lake Enrichment Center, where volunteers gathered to unleash their creativity by adorning birdhouses with vibrant hues.

In the heart of Louisville’s nonprofit tapestry, Jewish Family and Career Services stands tall as a catalyst for transformative change. From championing mental health and career opportunities to fostering family stability and caring for seniors through the Kline Older Adults program, JFCS casts a wide net of influence. A noteworthy statistic underscores their inclusive approach, with nearly 80% of their clients hailing from outside the Jewish community. Their mission, unwaveringly anchored in a client-centered and compassionate ethos, embodies a commitment to serving individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.

This collaborative spirit extends beyond individual partnerships, as JFCS actively integrated its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic plan into the broader nonprofit landscape of Louisville. The visionary pursuit involves reaching out to like-minded organizations like Cedar Lake and envisioning a shared future that upholds dignity and purpose for all. “We were looking to do an agency-wide project in March, and I’ve always heard such great things about Cedar Lake,” said Valecia Quinn, Director of JFCS Navigate. “March was disabilities awareness month, so it seemed like a perfect fit for us,” Quinn continued.

The recent volunteer initiative at Cedar Lake not only exemplifies the spirit of collaboration but also captures the essence of personal fulfillment derived from giving back. Michelle Klecner, JFCS’s volunteer and events manager, reflects on this dual nature of contribution, noting, “While we pour our energy into our professional roles, the personal act of giving back is truly gratifying.” Her account of connecting with Hope while painting birdhouses speaks volumes about the profound human connections forged during such endeavors.

Jim Mahanes, JFCS’s marketing manager, shares a touching narrative of his encounter with Arthur, emphasizing the simplicity of a three-word conversation that left a lasting imprint. “The brief time we spent with Arthur will stick with me for a while. His infectious smile and hearty handshake made a mark on my heart. We equally enjoyed our time together.”

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As JFCS and Cedar Lake align their efforts to plan future volunteer opportunities, the narrative takes a turn toward a promising horizon of continued collaboration. It’s not merely about organizations working together; it’s a collective narrative of purpose, goodwill, and the undeniable impact of unity in fostering positive change within the community.

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