April 2021 Updates

The love and grace you share in your lifetime lives on long after your death. Your impact on the lives of the people we care for at Cedar Lake can live on as well through a gift in your will or estate. Often, we think to ourselves that we don’t make enough money to leave a gift to charity or maybe we don’t think it would have an impact.

Just like the kindness we share with others; however, our gifts can have a lasting impact beyond what we might imagine. Just ask the Kenney brothers. The article in this month’s newsletter is the story of their love for their sister Margie and their creative, impactful gift that will enable us to provide a home full of abundant possibilities to so many people like their beloved sister.

If you have an asset that you are not using, be it stock or personal property, and you’d like to know how it can be used to benefit Cedar Lake, give me a call at 502.963.2470 or email me at ksanders@cedarlake.org and we can talk about ways your legacy of generosity can continue long after your lifetime.

As a service to all our donors, we will be hosting two estate planning seminars this year at Commonwealth Bank & Trust. The first will be June 29 and the second will be September 21. Be on the lookout for your personal invitation as well as information on our website about these opportunities. This will be a great time to learn how you can take care of your family and have a positive impact on Cedar Lake and other charities important to you.