The Kenney Brothers- Margie’s Legacy

The Kenney family is full of love. This was easy to see when brothers Marty, Joe and Frank and their wives sat down with Rachel McMahan, Director of Community Engagement & Events and Kelsey Hamilton, Development Associate at Cedar Lake Foundation to share the story of their beloved sister, Margie and how the family came to the decision to donate their childhood home to Cedar Lake.

Margie Kenney was the youngest of five children. She was born with Down Syndrome and was cared for by her family until her father passed away in 1990. Mr. and Mrs. Kenney first learned about Cedar Lake when Margie was young through the Soergel family and began attending meetings to learn more about the efforts in La Grange. Margie was on the waiting list for 15 years before she was finally able to join Cedar Lake. During her time with us, she lived within Cedar Lake Residences and ended her time with us at Cedar Lake Lodge.

The Kenney family raved about the care Margie received from Cedar Lake. She was loved and was able to do things she enjoyed, like singing, dancing and drinking coffee. When asked why they chose to donate their childhood home, which was originally built by their immigrant grandparents in 1926, they said they felt Cedar Lake was entitled to the house because of all that we had done for Margie.

We are grateful for the Kenney’s and their decision to donate the house as a way to give back to Cedar Lake. We can continue with our mission, which is to offer highly compassion, capable care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that they may experience a life of abundant possibilities because of people like the Kenney’s and their generosity.

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