Fifty-two years, 500 employees, 250 people in care. Statistics that are unimportant until you know they represent families who truly have no idea of how they could cope without Cedar Lake. Numbers without meaning until you realize each number represents a person like Wyatt. 

When Wyatt came into our care, he had not been able to eat  or drink anything for 15 years, all his nutrition was received through a feeding tube. But our speech therapist knew we could and should provide a life of more abundance for Wyatt and through careful studies and therapies, he learned to swallow again. Because of her work with him, Wyatt was able to join his family at the dinner table for a holiday meal for the first time in 15 years. That’s because at Cedar Lake we see the whole person, not a statistic that relegates people to just existing. At Cedar Lake, we ensure the individuals we support achieve the full and abundant lives they are capable of and deserve. 
Cedar Lake is profoundly grateful for all our donors. Each of you are essential partners with us, we truly couldn’t do this without you! This has been a challenging year in many ways. The stock market has been down and prices have gone up, resulting in fewer gifts in a time when we need them the most.
On September 15, Cedar Lake will once again participate in the annual Give for Good challenge and I’m asking you to consider a generous gift to this campaign. Not only will 100% of your gifts go directly to us, but there will be opportunities to receive additional funds through the Community Foundation as well. 
Thank you for the amazing difference you have, and will make.