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Fifty-two years, 500 employees, 250 people in care. Statistics that are unimportant until you know they represent families who truly have no idea of how they could cope without Cedar Lake. Numbers without meaning until you realize each number represents a person like Wyatt.  When Wyatt came into our care, he had not been able … Continue reading “AUGUST 2022 NEWSLETTER”

July 2022 Newsletter

When was the last time you reviewed your estate plans? If you are like me and my husband, it’s something you keep reminding yourself to do, but often it just gets put on the “back burner.” How many of us have said “I have all my will and estate plans in place,” but we haven’t … Continue reading “July 2022 Newsletter”

June 2022 Newsletter

 In last month’s newsletter I asked for gifts to help cover the costs of summer activities for people in our care. Several people responded to this and we are so grateful! If you didn’t get a chance to give, we have some other opportunities that will have a direct impact on the daily lives of … Continue reading “June 2022 Newsletter”

May 2022 Updates

    Have you made any summer plans yet? Maybe you are planning a trip or just family time at the zoo or by the pool. For two years the people in our care have missed out on summer activities we take for granted. In order to ensure their health and safety, trips outside their … Continue reading “May 2022 Updates”

April 2022 Updates

    Do you ever wonder just how Cedar Lake uses your generous gifts? Sometimes when we give, we wonder if our donation really makes a difference, if it’s just a “drop in the bucket” that wouldn’t be missed if we stopped giving. I understand these questions. I’m not only an employee of Cedar Lake, … Continue reading “April 2022 Updates”

Hearts of Gold Gala

Saturday, November 19, 2022
6:00 pm to Midnight
Louisville Marriott Downtown

For sponsorship opportunities or any gala questions, please reach out to Rachel at rmcmahan@cedarlake.org or 502-495-4928.