Celebrating 35 Years of Dedication at Cedar Lake

Celebrating 35 Years of Dedication at Cedar Lake

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When Toni Crouch embarked on her journey with Cedar Lake Lodge in 1988, there existed just a solitary location. Over the years, she has been a firsthand witness to the remarkable expansion from building and acquiring additional ICFs, Cedar Lake Enrichment Center, residences, and apartments.

Toni’s passion for working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities traces back to her academic years, where her father’s recommendation to explore the “Cedar-something” in Lagrange led her to discover Cedar Lake through the Yellow Pages. Intrigued, she reached out to the Lodge to undertake a practicum during her college days.

Her initial role as a house parent, now known as a DSP (Direct Support Professional), allowed Toni to intimately understand the unique desires, needs, and sources of joy for the individuals under her care. One such memorable individual was Bob, a man who left a lasting impression on Toni. “Bob was a character. I looked forward to seeing Bob every day,” Toni fondly reminisces. It was interactions with individuals like Bob that solidified her commitment to working with others who, like him, found a home at Cedar Lake.

Toni with Bob at a Cedar Lake Christmas Party

Throughout her tenure, Toni has embraced diverse roles, from program coordinator to director of services planning and compliance, culminating in her current position as associate administrator, a position she has held since 2015. Today, her responsibilities include compliance tracking for both at the Lodge and the Residences, meticulous report reviewing, and engaging with individuals and their families. Despite the varied tasks, Toni cherishes the unpredictability of each day, finding solace in the fact that no two days are identical – a dynamic environment that perfectly suits her preferences.

“Cedar Lake is fulfilling. We stand apart from other organizations because we genuinely care about the people who call this place home,” Toni emphasizes. It’s the enduring connections she has forged over the years that continue to draw her back to the organization, making her 35-year journey with the organization a testament to a lifetime bond with Cedar Lake’s individuals and their families.

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