Clayton’s Journey: Weaving Community, Service, and Joy at Cedar Lake

Clayton’s Journey: Weaving Community, Service, and Joy at Cedar Lake

Clayton smiles while sitting down enjoying dinner by the water

Faces of Cedar Lake

Clayton’s life is a testament to the vibrant tapestry of experiences and contributions one can weave within a community. Whether it’s through his unwavering commitment to volunteering in LaGrange, his dedicated service at Walgreens, or his transformative moments at Cedar Lake Enrichment Center (CLEC), Clayton consistently embraces opportunities to make a difference while embracing the joy of living life to the fullest.

Hailing from LaGrange, Clayton attended Oldham County schools, graduating in 2008. An avid learner with a penchant for mathematics, he fondly recalls the days spent on school field trips. Post-graduation, Clayton devoted considerable time assisting his grandmother, embodying a sense of familial responsibility.

Starting at the Enrichment Center

Beyond his mathematical prowess, Clayton’s love for numbers manifests in his remarkable memory for dates. Notably, he vividly recalls the transformative day he joined Cedar Lake Enrichment Center on June 6, 2013. Over the past 11 years, Clayton has actively participated in numerous outings, engaging activities, and skill-building sessions, fostering his journey toward increased independence.

The trajectory of Clayton’s professional life took a positive turn through Cedar Lake Enrichment Center’s supported employment program. Starting his retail career at Target, Clayton eventually found a sense of belonging at the LaGrange Walgreens in October 2016, where he operates the check-out counter with enthusiasm. Managing several half-days each week, Clayton not only attains financial independence but also earns money for enjoying meals at his favorite restaurants.

Navigating his daily routine efficiently, Clayton commutes to Walgreens via public transportation and relies on Cedar Lake transportation to attend CLEC afterward. Donna, Clayton’s mother, highlights his increased self-reliance and heightened awareness of potential dangers, a testament to the transformative impact of the Enrichment Center.

Clayton’s commitment to community service extends beyond Walgreens, as he volunteers at Southeast Christian Church’s Lifebridge Ministry program. Here, Clayton dedicates time each week to sorting clothing for struggling families, embodying the spirit of altruism.

Even as the clock strikes 4 p.m., Clayton’s day doesn’t draw to a close. Nights are reserved for conversations with friends, unwinding with the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball games, lending a helping hand at home, and cherishing moments with his family.

Clayton’s journey is a celebration of resilience, community engagement, and the pursuit of happiness. His story serves as an inspiration to us all, showcasing that a life well-lived is one that encompasses both making a positive impact on the world and finding joy in the simple pleasures of everyday existence.