June 2021 Updates

What does service look like?  Is it an obligation or a gift of time, love and energy from the heart?  Is it, perhaps, a way of life?  In this month’s newsletter we are profiling Pastor Mark Whitsett.  In this brief article you will see what service looks like – it looks like Pastor Mark.

I am amazed by and so very grateful for Cedar Lake staff and volunteers who are the very picture of servant leadership. 

Whether it’s Sina Rogers, a Direct Service Professional at Cedar Lake Lodge who has been loving and serving people in our care at the Lodge for more than 40 years or Mark Kennedy and Bill Wagner, who have co-chaired all 10 of Cedar Lake’s Golf Tournaments and helped raise more than $780,000 since 2011.  What do these four people have in common? 

They are passionate and compassionate people who strive every day to make a difference.  I don’t know of a better definition of servant!

Each of us have different talents, different amounts of time to devote to the causes that are dear to us.  For every act of service you have given to Cedar Lake, thank you.  Your gifts of time and money enable us to provide the care for which Cedar Lake is renowned.  In fact, without you, there could be no Cedar Lake.