Love is Love

By Allison Whitney, Day Program Coordinator
Cedar Lake Enrichment Center

  1. Love is the first time you hear your name said, after teaching someone to say it for two years.
  2. Love is being able to recite every word to the movie “The Sound of Music” after you have watched it 375 times.
  3. Love is broken pipes and wading in water past your shins in a brand new $60 pair of shoes.
  4. Love is girl talk and coffee hour on the suites.
  5. Love is on payday, splitting four Frosty’s between eight men.
  6. Love is two hours of answering “what’s this?”
  7. Love is when you are greeted at the door each day with “Allison My Love.’’
  8. Love is hearing your name broke down to every syllable possible AL-LES-SSSSON.
  9. Love is bedtime “SA PRAY PRAY PRAY.”
  10. Love is when the pastor is out and you wing every Wednesday’s devotional services.
  11. Love is doing the Pledge of Allegiance and singing God Bless America 10 times a day.
  12. Love is Michael Myers AKA “Jason Squires” waiting for you in your office.
  13. Love is working on evaluations for hours in the office and you get a compassionate phone call from the nurses’ station. “We have coffee would you like some?”
  14. Love is answering a call in the middle of the night, then asked can you come into work after you hearing there was a tragedy in your coworkers family.
  15. Love is 20 + inches of snow and 3 days of rotating from a mat, to a couch, to bed, and peanut butter sandwiches.
  16. Love is sitting in the storm shelter for 2 ½ hours during meal time sneaking in crackers and Kool-Aid.
  17. Love is laughing when the expected emotion is to cry.
  18. Love is listening vicariously to the weekend stories of those 21 and under.
  19. Love is finding out what snacks staff like then randomly passing them out, just to say I appreciate you.
  20. Love is when you have a car accident and someone is there to help you figure out a bedpan.
  21. Love is an adventure in the University Hospital. Thinking you can get away with every visitor “10 at a time” as a “family member.”
  22. Love is when an individual seeks you out when something is bothering them.
  23. Love is meeting with/observing the likes and desires of each individual at the day program for 4 months and then asking what do you want this program to be about.
  24. Love is the last conversation you shared with a Cedar Lake mother as you walked her to her car. “Take care of my baby.”
  25. Love is dances on Tuesday nights, Proms, Special Olympics (rain or shine), water balloon/snowball fights, sleigh rides, walks through the woods and putting on plays.
  26. Love is encouraging self-reliance and teaching self-determination, and humbling yourself as it takes place.
  27. Love is being honest and doing the right thing, regardless of the outcome.
  28. Love is stopping everything that you are doing to look out the window with an individual.
  29. Love is forgiveness.
  30. Love is 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”