May 2022 Updates

    Have you made any summer plans yet? Maybe you are planning a trip or just family time at the zoo or by the pool. For two years the people in our care have missed out on summer activities we take for granted. In order to ensure their health and safety, trips outside their homes just weren’t feasible. This year, as long as it is safe, they are looking forward to some summertime adventures. 
        With your help, we can provide opportunities for them to enjoy new experiences and to be in the community. We are in need of funds to ensure all the people we care for can share in the joys of summer. Can you help us purchase tickets to Louisville Bats games, passes to the Zoo and Science Center, movie tickets, putt-putt games and all the things that provide social interaction, exercise and just happiness? Please click the link below to make a gift for summertime activities. As always, your gifts make a difference and we are forever grateful.

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine!