September 2022 Newsletter

This is Chance. The other day I was at the Lodge with a group from a local business who were taking a tour. When I walked into the building where Chance lives, he immediately gave me one of his signature hugs. The kind of hug that is strong and uninhibited, filled with joy at seeing a friend. One of the ladies on the tour pulled me aside and said, “you are so loved.” She’s right. I have learned that there is no love stronger or more freely given than the love of the people we support. 

You are part of the Cedar Lake legacy, one of the reasons we are here today providing individualized, compassionate care. Thank you for being a part of our rich history. Thank you for creating home for Chase and all those we support.
Earlier this month, many of you shared your love for Cedar Lake by giving through the annual Give for Good event. More than 200 donors helped us raise over $23,000 – thank you!! In this month’s newsletter you will find more ways to connect and to give. Be sure to save the date for our annual Gala on November 19!!! Check out stories about our wonderful volunteers – maybe we can feature you and your group in our next newsletter! For providing the loving support that makes everything possible – thank you.