Community-Based Residential Options

Community-Based Residential Options

Cedar Lake Residences offers a wide variety of community-based residential and support services options, including staffed residences, group homes, supported and independent living apartments, semi-independent apartments, and supported employment.

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Semi-Independent Apartments


This program provides supported independent living options for people who need less intensive supports and who desire to live independently in the community. Those we support are encouraged to participate in community employment, day program or community activities. Typically those living in apartment settings receive supports in areas such as: nutrition planning, grocery shopping, financial management, developing social skills, homemaking and safety skills as well as benefits coordination.

This supported living model allows the people living in a group home the opportunity to experience as much independence as possible while having intermittent support through the week day. Individuals may receive supports from Cedar Lake through the Michelle P. waiver, SCL waiver, or private pay.

Family Home Provider

Family Home Providers are contracted through Cedar Lake and provide ongoing care for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The participant resides in the same household as the FHP and is provided a private bedroom with access to communal living spaces. This service is meant to provide an individual the opportunity to live in the community and participate in everyday life experiences (shopping, going out to eat, vacations, etc.).

Semi-Independent Group Home

Typically for people with mild or moderate disabilities, this option is a semi-independent, 24-hour staffed home for six people. Those who live in the group home receive training and support in such areas as daily living skills, transportation, leisure and recreational activities, as well as benefits coordination.

Serving 6 individuals

24-hour staffed home

Daily living skills

Staffed Residences

This option provides 24-hour care for three people who need more intensive support in a single-family home setting. The people we support in our staffed residences enjoy a variety of opportunities and choices for competitive and small business settings employment, day programs, cultural and recreational activities. This requires the SCL waiver.

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