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Becoming a Provider

Cedar Lake supports Family Home Providers (FHP) in many ways. From respite services to unique engagement opportunities with other FHPs, Cedar Lake is here for you. Our large network of services guarantees unparalleled care to meet not just the needs of the individual you are supporting but your needs as well. A highly competitive stipend, bonus opportunities and opportunities for real continuity in care set Cedar Lake apart from the rest. As an FHP with Cedar Lake, you will never be alone. Join our team today.

  • $110 Daily Stipend
  • Potential to Earn Bonuses
  • Priority Access to Full Continuum of Care
  • Priority Access to Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Strong Support Network
  • Robust Respite Options

Individuals residing with an FHP are part of the Cedar Lake family, benefiting from our entire spectrum of services, including Day Training, Supported Employment opportunities, transportation assistance and our Intermediate Care Facilities. Though we hope an individual can stay with their FHP for the entirety of their life, there may come a time when they need additional services. People in need of specialized medical care are able to get their needs met at one of our Intermediate Care Facilities, forgoing what has typically been an 8 to 10-year waitlist. Cedar Lake is the only provider in the state of Kentucky that is able to support an individual with disabilities throughout the entire spectrum of their life, bringing new meaning to continuity of care and support for FHPs.