The Be Kind Sisters

Here at Cedar Lake, kindness is a huge part of who we are and what we show to the individuals we support and the communities where we reside and work. Kindness can be shown in more ways than one, looking different with each person and circumstance. In Oldham County, this is shown through the creative work of two young girls, Raegan and Rylyn and their family. You may know them as the Be Kind Sisters and may have spotted their “Be Kind” signs scattered through Oldham County and other counties in Kentucky. Their kindness has shined here at Cedar Lake as gifts have been made to the individuals we support through the sale of the girl’s signs. Almost two years, 2,500 signs and a New York City Times Square appearance later, the Be Kind Sisters are making a tremendous impact on the community with their message, “Be Kind.”

The Foundation Team was able to meet the girls behind the signs and get to know them and their family. So, who are the Be Kind Sisters when they aren’t making signs and being in the spotlight? Raegan and Rylyn are big on family and show how kindness can come in different forms through them. The girls have three other siblings- Kendall, Leena and Liam. Together they enjoy playing outside with the many animals they have at home; a sheep, dogs and cows, listening to music and being there for one another each day. Raegan enjoys playing tennis in her free time, while Rylyn enjoys participating in her choir group. We had such a great time getting to know the girls and making our own “Be Kind” signs to take home as a reminder to be kind in our own way, every day. We are so grateful for the support and kindness they have shown to Cedar Lake.