April 2022 Updates

    Do you ever wonder just how Cedar Lake uses your generous gifts? Sometimes when we give, we wonder if our donation really makes a difference, if it’s just a “drop in the bucket” that wouldn’t be missed if we stopped giving. I understand these questions. I’m not only an employee of Cedar Lake, I’m a donor too. It’s important to me to know how my gifts are used and if they are making a difference.
        Let me share just a few of the ways your gifts impact the people we serve. Cory’s world shrunk around him when he completed high school. He stopped using the social and vocational skills he had gained because he had no opportunities to utilize them. Because of your gifts, we can provide transportation for Cory to Cedar Lake Enrichment Center (CLEC), enabling him to learn and grow and live his very best life. 
        When our programs had to close to visitors due to Covid, donations enabled us to purchase iPads for our individuals in care to use to communicate with family and participate in enrichment programs provided by CLEC. Because you gave, people in our care were able to connect with families and support systems.
        These are two examples of how your gifts directly impact adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. When we say we couldn’t do this without you – we mean it!  Thank you. Your gifts change lives and we are profoundly grateful.