National Disability Awareness Month- Wyatt’s Story

In recognition of National Disability Awareness Month and National Wheelchair Day, we want to introduce you to Wyatt.

Wyatt is 32 years old and lives on Magnolia Lane at Cedar Lake Lodge. He loves the UofL Cardinals, Taylor Swift and spending time with staff. Because of his scoliosis, Wyatt needs a specialized wheelchair. His old chair was too large, it wasn’t providing the support he needs, and it was simply not a good fit for his body.

The physical therapy team at the Lodge, along with nationally recognized wheelchair designer (and Cedar Lake employee), Andy Byrd, came together to create a wheelchair that would be designed and built just for Wyatt.  After many discussions between Andy and the therapists working with Wyatt, they determined that they could combine a custom molded seat with a Roho cushion, which is the best cushion for pressure release, to create the perfect chair for Wyatt.  Custom molds were created for the chair’s seat and back and combined with the Roho cushion.  The result is a chair the provides the perfect spine and pelvic stability that Wyatt needs.

With passion and dedication, the team was able to mold and build Wyatt’s new chair, something that has not been seen in their combined 40 years of experience. Daily assessments of his skin are done to make sure there are no pressure injuries. Wyatt is absolutely thriving in his new wheelchair and his infectious smile shows it!