Faces of Cedar Lake: Kathey Golightly Sanders

Faces of Cedar Lake: Kathey Golightly Sanders

Kathey Sanders poses with an individual at Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake Employee Spotlight

When Kathey Golightly Sanders embarked on her development career at Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, she recognized that a purpose-driven life aligned perfectly with her passion for serving others. During her tenure, her mentor, Brenda Grey, imparted invaluable lessons in the art of fundraising, shaping Kathey’s journey toward excellence. Grateful for the guidance received from passionate and committed colleagues, Kathey understood the profound impact that dedicating time and energy to others can make in our world.

With three decades in fundraising, Kathey has left an indelible mark on organizations such as Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation, KentuckyOne Health Foundations, and, most recently, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, where she served as the executive director.

Joining Cedar Lake

Assuming the role of executive director at the Cedar Lake Foundation in August 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kathey faced challenges with locations closed to visitors and limited in-person interactions. However, as the world gradually reopened, she celebrated the opportunity to visit Cedar Lake locations, connect with individuals, and engage in face-to-face conversations with supportive donors.

Kathey finds immense joy in learning about the stories of Cedar Lake individuals, emphasizing their unparalleled capacity for love and joy. These authentic connections serve as the foundation for her interactions with current and potential donors, where she shares compelling stories that showcase the positive impact of Cedar Lake’s care.

In the demanding field of fundraising, where rejections are commonplace, Kathey draws inspiration from spending time with the individuals supported by Cedar Lake. Recognizing the significance of the financial contributions she seeks, Kathey approaches fundraising with respect and understanding for the hard work put in by individuals and companies.

Kathey believes in the unique and indispensable role of Cedar Lake, emphasizing that we not only provide a safe space but an empowering one. With a passion for enabling individuals to live their best lives, she underscores the pivotal role Cedar Lake plays in making this vision a reality.

Standing at the forefront of Cedar Lake’s vital mission, Kathey Golightly Sanders embodies the essence of compassionate fundraising. Through her heartfelt connections with the individuals at Cedar Lake, Kathey illuminates the significance of supporting this vital organization.

As we reflect on the transformative power of Cedar Lake’s unparalleled care, let us recognize the collective impact we can make by rallying behind this cause. Together, we can ensure that Cedar Lake continues to be a beacon of hope, fostering a community where individuals not only find safety but also discover the empowerment needed to live their very best lives.

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