Miracles Do Happen

One day while driving home in October, I was thinking about retaking the CPR class as I wasn’t sure if I could perform CPR efficiently, if I ever needed to, or if I would remember the steps even though I have had several CPR classes. On October 13, 2016 my CPR skills were tested.  Chuck, a person supported by Cedar Lake, was found unresponsive in his Cedar Lake home.  Everything I learned in CPR Training was automatic and my calm nature helped me to perform CPR successfully and to relay pertinent information to 911 dispatch, Chuck’s brother, and our Cedar Lake Residence nurse.

Chuck was rushed to the hospital where I spent the majority of the night with Chuck’s family waiting to hear any news. The doctors were not hopeful that Chuck would survive and everyone feared the worst. However, Chuck, the strong man he is, was back home on November 5, 2016. He overcame many obstacles in those crucial weeks that he remained in the hospital, but with God’s grace he made it through.

I did not do anything more for Chuck then I would for any individual we support. I am not a hero. I simply used the tools that Cedar Lake has provided to me to perform my job to the best of my ability. I am thankful that it turned out the way it did, that we did not listen to the doctors and give up on Chuck. Chuck had so many people in his corner praying for him and God’s light shined through. I regained my faith and also have formed an inseparable bond with Chuck. Whenever we are together, Chuck always thanks me for saving his life. The bond I now have with Chuck will never be broken and will continue to grow. I have been humbled and honored to receive this year both the  Cedar Lake “Employee of the Year” and The Jericho Friend award, but they will never mean as much to me as getting a hug from Chuck.