Cedar Lake offers a continuum of care, in that, people can move between various residential settings based on their growing needs.


Cedar Lake Lodge opened November 1974 as a licensed Intermediate Care Facility. It is home to 67 people with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities. This location focuses on intense active treatment programs individualized for those with the most challenging medical and behavioral needs. The Lodge offers private or semiprivate rooms with 24-hour nursing care, Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy along with psychological and behavioral services.

Semi-Independent Group Home

Typically for people with mild or moderate disabilities, this option is a semi-independent, twenty-four (24) hour-a-day staffed home for six people. These six people work  in the community 20 or more hours per week. Those who live in the group home receive training and support in such areas as daily living skills, transportation, leisure and recreational activities, as well as benefits coordination.


24-Hour Staffed 3-Person Homes

This option provides 24-hour care for three people who need more intensive support in a single-family home setting. The people we support in our staffed residences enjoy a variety of opportunities and choices for competitive and small business settings employment, day programs, cultural and recreational activities.

Park Place

Park Place opened October 2010 as licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility. It is home to 16 people with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities. Park Place emphasizes community involvement for each person and developing relationships within the larger community. This location offers private rooms with 24-hour nursing care, Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy, as well as psychological and behavioral services.

Intermittent Support Apartments

This program provides independent living options for people who need less intensive supports and desire to live in the community. Cedar Lake staff visits a minimum of twice per week to work on areas of need specified in their plan of care. Typically, those living in apartment settings receive supports in areas such as: nutrition planning, grocery shopping, financial management, social skills, homemaking, safety, and benefits coordination.

8-Hour Staffed Apartments

Our community apartment complex, Washburn, is home to 8 people. This setting provides 8-hour care.  This supported living model allows the people living in the home to experience as much independence as possible while having intermittent support throughout the week day.

Sycamore Run

This newest setting is the first of its kind in the state of Kentucky.  These 4-bed homes in the Sycamore Run neighborhood in LaGrange, Ky. will offer nursing care, therapeutic services, and behavior and psychological support. Most importantly, these homes will provide adults who have high-intensity support needs with the opportunity to live in a neighborhood community.

8-Hour Staffed Patio Homes

This option consists of two three bedroom patio homes which are staffed 8 hours a day. It is designed to provide a level of support between the group home and independent living. The six people living in Jefferson Manor are encouraged to participate in the community at least part time during the week.

Cedar Lake Enrichment Center

The Cedar Lake Enrichment Center (CLEC), an adult day program, provides a person- centered, structured environment for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. CLEC offers a choice of scheduled classes with curriculum designed to enhance the quality of life. Vocational training and community inclusion are offered as well.

Other Programs & Services Include:

Music Therapy
Supported Employment
Community Access
Life Skills
Nutritional Consulting

Creative Arts
Positive Behavior Supports
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy
Pastoral Care
Psychological Services
In-Home Supports & Training

Apply for Cedar Lake Services

Cedar Lake services require an application. Please contact us for more information, referrals, and requests for application. In-person meetings and tours are available upon request.

Additional documents that are required to accompany the application for the waiting list include:

  • Guardianship Papers
  • Current Photo
  • Medical History
  • Dental History
  • Psychological School/Workshop Records
  • Supportive Therapy Evaluations (OT, PT, SP, PSY, Neuro, Other)
  • Financial Disclosure

For more information:

Intermediate Care Services

Contact Toni Crouch, Director of Service Planning and Compliance
(502) 222-7157

Residential & Community Services

(502) 327-7706